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UNO MUNDO was born from a family tradition in international business agency. For over 25 years we have followed very closely the changes in the global market. So much experience has allowed our brand to modernize, and reach present-day offering a market development service as never seen before, through relationship and investment in technology.

We’ll take your products to more than 200 countries with infinitely lower costs and considerably better results, boosting your profits and optimizing your processes so that your product can go even farther.

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Export is the business of the future. A company that sends 30% of its production to at least five international markets becomes larger and more solid. Our business is to make sure your product arrives to new customers beyond our borders in an uncomplicated way, with the best cost/benefit ratio. It’s your international trade department in the hands of those who know how to sell your product to the right customers.


Internationalizing your brand is not rocket science. Learn how UNO MUNDO solved John’s problems, and find out what we can do for your business.


Dedicating your product to a single market broadens risks over your business exponentially. Expanding distribution to at least 5 other markets can be the key to your success.

We reached the R$ 10 million mark in international trade in 2017 with just 8 national manufacturers. We already have more than 60 clients in over 50 countries. Our next big hit is your company.

Our business model guarantees profit increase, while reducing the costs involved in the traditional exports model.


The traditional way of opening markets demands high investment, but returns little or nothing at all, and reaches its balance point in 6 to 8 years. In times of instability, the risks of the traditional model can be fatal.

On the other hand, UNO MUNDO offers a model considered by the UN and the WTO as the future trend for international trade: a digital model. We work on the largest marketplace and B2B market prospecting platforms to ensure our clients a balance point in up to 2 years, with great cost reduction.

Traditional Model

In traditional international supply chains, we rely on a single major importer with high competitiveness and bargain power, that leaves us far from the end customer.
In this model, companies bear high cost and high risk, however unsure of the investment return.

Modelo Digital

PROACTIVE B2B for international market development includes the insertion of your brand and your products in the main International Showcases. It also includes a traditional approach to research and client prospection.

Our agents contact customers in person via virtual handshake, so they can “look in the eye and shake the hand” of the client when doing business. Part of our job is to identify and insert companies into the most relevant channels, granting visibility to their products and international recognition to their brand.


Traditional model: high cost, high risk, only reaches the importer.

Digital model: low cost, high result rate, encompasses the whole trade chain – from your company to the end customer.


In order to present short-term cost and competitiveness solutions, the PROACTIVE B2B system also offers the option of international supplier development, aiming to eliminate links from the supply chain that add cost, but no value, by lowering the total costs of components that are already imported, but purchased from local distributors. This increases competitiveness to our companies, with no harm to national industry.


Technology that conquers new markets.

The best way to conquer new markets is through personalization. Each new client has their own interests and goals, their culture and time zone. That’s why we preserve the human factor and the personal contact from the old model, and add tech to the process. Through contact via videoconference, with redundant dedicated fiber-optic, multichannel VoIP, hardware approved by global telecommunications giants, and a software specially developed to optimize operations results, companies will have a positive global presence, and total access to all prospection, contact and feedback information.

Innovation that yields satisfaction

The words of those who see practical results

  • 'UNO MUNDO has extremely qualified and capable professionals, especially on international negotiations, and new business prospecting intermediation. They are articulate, easy to communicate with. UNO MUNDO has been helping us receive foreign delegations from countries such as Canada and the United States with excellent results.'

    Volnei Luís De AzevedoAdministrative Coordinator At Simecs
  • 'UNO MUNDO is an accomplished company with a diverse skill set, including impeccable linguistic and communication skills; computer expertise; sales and management experience; strong research ability; experience with startups and in conducting international business.'

    Danielle MilamVice-President Latin America At Franklin International
  • 'UNO MUNDO is an experienced international business consulting company. It has a broad business vision and field experience. I recommend it!!'

    Carlos Alessandro Dall’agnoPartner-Director At Mdb Brasil Trade And Marketing Office
  • 'Congratulations on the idea. It’s a great path. A very innovative system. No doubt, it’s a very good idea. I hadn’t heard of this kind of approach yet. Liked it. Wish it success!'

    Nicola MinerviniAuthor Of "O Exportador" And One Of The World’s Most Renowned Experts In Foreign Trade
  • 'UNO MUNDO is well connected and dedicated to their work. Their kind of enthusiasm and methodical work could be a great boon to whosoever gets connected with them.'

    Shirish GodboleBusiness Development At Godbole Associates
  • 'In all its activities, UNO MUNDO has always performed with broad knowledge of the area and extreme professional competence, showing their teamwork and communication skills. I gladly recommend these excellent professionals.'

    Marta Guerra SfreddoPress Office At The Caxias Do Sul Industry, Commerce And Services Chamber (CIC)
  • 'The UNO MUNDO team is very well connected in the industry and has great knowledge on both local and international business. Their great advantage is the ability to stay focused in the case of long projects, provide optimal solutions and take the projects to conclusion.'

    Roy GeorgeGeneral Manager & Country Head - China At Wipro Infrastructure Engineering
  • 'I had the opportunity to work with UNO MUNDO during my term at the Caxias do Sul Industry, Commerce and Services Chamber. Their team has a wide outlook on the market and great international experience, aside from being quite methodical in their work, and great problem-solvers!'

    Luciano DebastianiCompetitive Training – Quality Rs Association – Pgqp


We are present in over 50 countries, and will take your product there.


When work is done with competence and innovation, recognition comes naturally. Through the combination of efforts and creative care to your business, we have reached hearts and minds around the globe, and the market notices who came to stay.

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