Global.Shop uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture its products, focusing on the quality and satisfaction of its customers. By respecting and maintaining the credibility of its consumers, the company has established a policy of exchange and return in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code, and is concerned that you (client) get an efficient, agile and mainly negotiation. satisfactory.

If you choose to contact by e-mail or telephone, the form will be sent to you for completion and submission to the part (s). The product returned without this form and / or without communication to the SAC will be reshipped without prior consultation.

When making the return / exchange process, the customer must return the invoice to be returned / exchanged, inform the reason for the return / exchange, the name of the person who is returning, the CPF and the date of the return.

* ATTENTION: To carry out the exchange process you must be logged in. Repayment by Repentance / Withdrawal If upon receiving the product, you resolve to repay it by repentance, you must do so within seven calendar days from the date of receipt.

Subject to the following conditions: The product can not be used.

The product should preferably be shipped in the original packaging, accompanied by an invoice, labels, tags (label with product reference code) duly affixed to the product and all its accessories.

When carrying out the return process, the customer must, on the back of the invoice to be returned, state the reason for the refusal / return, the name of the person who is returning, the document and the date of the return.

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