Our Contract

Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of UNOMUNDO, located at Tronca, 1596 – Caxias do Sul, RS, Brazil – Zip code: 95010-100, hereinafter referred to simply as UNOMUNDO, and, on the other hand, the UNOMUNDO client, currently qualified of the purchase of UNOMUNDO products, hereinafter referred to simply as Customer.

Whereas UNOMUNDO sells products and services through the Internet; Considering the Customer’s interest in purchasing the products offered by UNOMUNDO (“Products”) in its sales channels; The purpose of this agreement is to establish the general conditions of use and purchase of products and services of the client of the site UNOMUNDO.

Data Protection

I. Confidentiality: It is the responsibility of UNOMUNDO to preserve the confidentiality of all data and information provided by the Client in the purchase process. The security of the site is audited daily and guaranteed against the action of hackers, through the seal “Site Blindado”.

II. Customer Service (SAC): The customer has this service to resolve any doubts, resolve any requests or complaints regarding your request or any content available on the site. The SAC may be activated through telephone or site form.

III. Delivery Policy: The deadline for delivery of the Products is informed during the purchase procedure, counted in working days. The deliveries of the Products are carried out from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 10pm. Exceptionally, some deliveries of Products may occur on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

III.I The customer’s responsibility for ensuring the suitability of the dimensions of the product is to ensure that they comply with the space limits of the lifts, doors and corridors of the place of delivery. The assembly or disassembly of the product, transport by the ladder and / or doors and windows, or lifting of the deliveries will not be carried out.

III.II – Up to three delivery attempts will be made at the place informed, on alternate days, with an interval of up to 48 hours between one delivery and another. It is indispensable that, at the address requested, there is a person authorized by the buyer, over 18 years old, and carrying identification document to receive the goods and sign the delivery protocol. If there are three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the order will return to the UNOMUNDO Distribution Center.

III.III – Upon completion of the request, it is not possible to change the payment method and / or delivery address, request an advance payment or a delivery priority.

III.IV – The delivery period informed during the procedure of purchase of the Product takes into account the inventory, the region, the process of issuing the invoice and the preparation time of the product. With each update in the delivery status of the order, the UNOMUNDO system automatically sends alert e-mails to the Customer.

III.V – The freight value of the delivery is calculated based on the place of delivery, weight and dimensions of the Product.

III.VI – UNOMUNDO does not authorize the carrier to: enter the domicile; deliver by alternative means (example: hoisting product by window); perform installation or maintenance of products; open the product packaging; deliver at an address different from the one in DANFE; carry out delivery to a minor or without identification document.

III.VII – UNOMUNDO is not responsible for the retention of goods in the SEFAZ when this is due exclusively to the customer, and therefore, it is necessary to attend the fiscal post for the goods to be released, since in these cases the information releases and payments are only passed on to interested parties.


IV. Right of repentance: The Client shall be entitled to exercise the right to repent of the purchase, for the purpose of returning the Product, in which case the following conditions shall be observed: the withdrawal period for the purchase of the product is up to seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt; in case of return, the product must be returned to UNOMUNDO in the original packaging, accompanied by the DANFE (Electronic Document of the Electronic Invoice), the manual and all its accessories.


IV.I – The Customer must request the return through the Customer Service (SAC) or directly in the Control Panel, in the topic “cancel order”. Expenses arising from the collection or posting of the Product will be borne by UNOMUNDO.

IV.II – Upon arrival of the product to the Distribution Center, UNOMUNDO will verify if the conditions mentioned above have been met. If so, it will provide the refund in the full amount of the purchase.


IV.III – In purchases with credit card the card administrator will be notified and the reversal will occur in the next or subsequent invoice, in one go, regardless of the number of parcels used in the purchase. The reimbursement term, and also the collection of the remaining installments after the complete reversal of the value of the Product on the Client’s credit card made by UNOMUNDO, is the responsibility of the card administrator. In the event of collection of future installments by the card administrator, the Client will not be burdened, since UNOMUNDO, as mentioned above, will reimburse the full amount of the Product in a single time, being the credit related to the reversal granted entirely by the administrator of the card on the billing invoice subsequent to the cancellation month.

IV.IV – In purchases paid with bank account or debit account, the refund will be made by bank deposit, within 10 (ten) business days, only in the current account of the buyer, which must be individual. It is necessary that the CPF of the current account holder.

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